from by lettering



falling in love
being gone
self acceptance


would you find some interest in
titles on my reading list
in-transitory meetings
we'll have to do our best

guro/manga/comic books
formless and disgusting works
from newly birthing writers
that I admire

on the last leg up through Maine
relaying all my gripes through messages
unsure if you're receiving them
I didn't meet Stephen King

found another copy of hollow earth
barcade, Quebec, wasted two years of French
in the dark I say, "I'm sure and I can't wait to go home to three little babies and two empty bowls"

I've been living here the past three years
still so little on my walls
papers strewn on my unmade bed
reflecting a hopeless hue
my life work are in folders
beneath the clutter of my desk
my temple is not in shambles
this is just how I nest


from Divers EP, released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


lettering Chicago, Illinois

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