from by lettering



picking up pieces
trying to fix yer life cuz the way you lived for 4 years
trying not to use people to move on


good morning, Tiny Ship and urban planning
I am up
I can take you both to work
on my way back
from the cusp of Indiana
I didn't sleep enough

there's time now
but I keep waking up
on the ground
I though a lot about
death as a young child

what happened to my ten alarms
I thought that I was old enough
can I borrow your simple parts
to pull and pry out these remaining shards

what happened to my ten alarms
I'm bound to you by tangled wire
I need to consciously not use you as a crutch
to hold me up as I scratch out these marks


from Divers EP, released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


lettering Chicago, Illinois

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